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My biggest passion of course is READING! No surprise there. I enjoy most all romance but the darker the better.

Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1)

Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley Review to follow.

What's there to say that hasn't been said about previous KA book. Simply wonderful.

Who's your Daddy?

In Flight (Up In The Air, #1)

In Flight (Up In The Air, #1) - R.K. Lilley 3.5 Stars.

It was a difficult beginning almost close to a DNF. The chemistry between the MC's. seemed force. After half way through it improved vastly. For every time the word HYMEN was used during their dialogue that was half a star gone. If there was one hell of a way to dry a women's sex up is talking about what you wanna do to her HYMEN.

Otherwise, the story is the typical bazillionaire finds his poor, struggling W/past demons, submissive girlfriend. Then he throws money at all her problems.

Resist (Songs of Submission, #6)

Resist (Songs of Submission, #6) - C.D. Reiss WOWZER!!!! Leave me in limbo. This is a cruel game. But I MOST give credit where credit due, this was definitely entertaining. Nonstop entertainment.

Counting down to Oct.7.

Burn (Songs of Submission, #5)

Burn (Songs of Submission, #5) - C.D. Reiss Talk about CLIFFHANGER. how the hell did I become addicted to this series? I have to admit this author definitely took it up a couple of notches, especially w/the sex scenes. Beautiful. The drama. Beautiful.

Love Debbie, our yenta. Hilarious, she gives nothing away.
Jonathan, definitely has made his mark on me. Sometimes you read d/s stories about own you this, own you that, well he did it with swag. Once I learn how to put quotes up, you will know what I mean.
Monica, thank you for not being a crying whiner, though I will say it was close but she pulled her big girl panties up for now. Things may change.

Submit (Songs of Submission, #3)

Submit (Songs of Submission, #3) - C.D. Reiss This was a heartbreaker. Love the emotional roller coaster of Jonathan and Monica. The sex scenes are good. Tolerable cliffhanger.

Control (Songs of Submission, #4)

Control (Songs of Submission, #4) - C.D. Reiss Boy oh Boy. This shit is getting Cray Cray.

Beg (Songs of Submission, # 1)

Beg (Songs of Submission, # 1) - C.D. Reiss Okay. This short story was slow at the beginning. Mostly playing cat and mouse. Monica s an aspiring musician, waitressing to pay the bills. She comes across the owner, Jonathan, when she spills his drink on him and gets fired. He's drawn to her and vice versa but previous bad relationships make them cautious.
Many things the author could due w/o but towards 75% the story picks drastically and your left w/a cliffhanger at the end. Also, it's probably just me the reading was off.

Unlocked (The Alpha Group, #3)

Unlocked (The Alpha Group, #3) - Maya Cross This is the conclusion to the Alpha Group series. Sophia has been put on leave from the firm and broke up w/Sebastian. Sophia is now been kidnaped from an unknown source. Sebastian finds her and we see a different side to him. There is a heartfelt reunion followed by emotional turmoil regarding their relationship.

I enjoyed how the author kept me guessing who was behind the kidnapping plus some shocking surprises in the end. Well written, sex scenes were on par with the previous 2 books. There is also the added dual POV.

If you enjoyed FSoG then this is right up your alley, just minus the MC over analyzing everything.

Locked (The Alpha Group, #1)

Locked - Maya Cross Simply Wonderful.

This story takes place in Sydney, Australia. Sophia Pearce is strong, independent, lawyer who meets hunky bazillionaire, Sebastian Lock at a bar. Sophia plays hard to get but really wants that BDSM loving. They agree to do the friends w/benefit route. Need I say more.

Sophia is headstrong, she speaks up for her but when comes time to hit the hay, she zips it. Smart.
Sebastian is mysterious, has his walls up but plays Dom well. Well.

I enjoyed every minute of this book. Quick read but to the point. Love the chemistry between the two.

Three for Me?

Three for Me? - R.G. Alexander This was a short story about a girl, Charli, who goes on a cruise w/her best guy friends, Rafael, Eric, and Simon. They have been pining for her a while and decide during the trip to admit their feelings for her. During their cruise to Mexico, the guys encourage her to explore how well a relationship would work w/them all together.

This is my first book by this author and positive this wont be my last. This story is freaking HOT, like I'm surprised my iPad didn't catch on fire HOT. Definitely see my self reading this book again. Only wish the story was longer.

Eighty Days Red (The Eighty Days Series, 3)

Eighty Days Red - Vina Jackson I wrote a review and some how lost it. So the quick version.

This was a enjoyable story. I was truly invested in seeing the relationship work. This book was much watered down than the previous 2 books in this series. I feel the Summer was lacking in her own personal growth. The ending could definitely be better especially if your ending the book at 80%. That's 20% for an epilogue, a better ending or even an alternative ending. Not 20% for another book.

Eighty Days Yellow

Eighty Days Yellow - Vina Jackson This books takes place in London with the story of a New Zealander (Kiwi), Summer, who is a violinist. She is barely making it by, playing in subway stations and odd jobs. Her violin is destroyed while busking, accidentally. Summer doesn't have money for a new one. Dominik, an literature professor, who happens to admire Summer talent offers a challenge that will provide her w/a new instrument. Of course, she accepts. In the midst of all this she is introduced to BDSM, swinging/kink parties and is exploring her feelings for Dominik, who happens to be a dominant. Well naturally, she loves this lifestyle with a sexual appetite that is destructive.

The book had a steady flow. Nothing was what it seemed, I liked that it keptt me guessing. This author is new to me. Her style of writing was slightly challenging but in a very good way. I also enjoyed the dual POV. I would definitely read another book from her.

For those that write reviews comparing this to FSoG, WTH are you reading? How many sex parties was Ana attending? Was Christian getting off on sharing Ana? I believe this book is more closely related to My Body series.

Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4)

Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) - Kristen Ashley This book was fraking enjoyable. Every book that I have read from this author has never disappointed me.
This series is the kind that you MUST keep in your bookshelf/library because you will read again. Mark my words.
- Faye is a shy, virgin librarian.
- Chace is a hot badass cop with a dark troubled life.
-Faye having Chace's back.
- The way Chace handles his mother with such care.
-Watching the relationship grow from first kiss to first night.
-Anthing that had to do with Malachi.
-Knowing a hot alpha male can cry and still maintain his badassness.
-Only that i felt it dragged a little at the beginning of the story.
-Wish I got to read more about the relationship between Chace and his father.

Can't wait to read the next story of Graham Reece.

Break Her

Break Her - B.G. Harlen DNF. this appeared repetitive and the character progressing stagnant. Nothing drew me to the heroine. This is my first and only DNF at this point.

Their Virgin Hostage (Masters of Ménage, #5)

Their Virgin Hostage (Masters of Ménage, #5) - Shayla Black,  Lexi Blake Very interesting overall story.
BUT.....somewhere along the way both authors forgot the title of the book.
More like the Virgin Flirt.
Seriously no clenching of private parts or husky voices until around 60%.
The funny thing is when the heroine and the heros finally due the deed, I mistakenly got excited to see the connection blossom.
And an elaborate blowy.
I'not read any f the other books from the series. This was the only one to me that story line appealed to me.
Liked wicked ties series books #1 and 2. Those kept u PANTING.

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