Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle, #1)

Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle, #1) - Kristen Proby 4 'I vow that I enjoyed this book' Stars
Sweet, romantic and light hearted.
No real drama.
This is the book you read after reading dark erotica.
Reminds you that if you have a boo-boo, maybe you should show them some love.
This is my first read from this author. KP, solid work.
Favorite part:
"I can't ever imagine my life without you. You are the center of my world, Nat. I want to love you, protect you, fight with you, make babies with you and spoil the shit out of you for the rest of my life."

Smooth muthaf***a, isn't he?
Lastly, is it just me or did you think she was going to get some sort of tattoo. Have a deep saying written in Tahitian or something maybe 'Nightwalker'.