Beauty From Pain (Beauty, #1)

Beauty From Pain (Beauty, #1) - Georgia Cates ★★★1/2 Stars
For the first book in the series it definitely drew me in. It had a slow beginning but once the relationship was underway the story really picked up.

Rich millionaire alpha male meets and proposes a emotionally detached arrangement because thats all he knows to poor young inexperienced struggling musician. He showers her w/gifts and he becomes increasingly possessive of her through the book.
" You're mine. Do you understand?"
"Yes!" I scream partly because it's my answer, but mostly because what he's doing feels so good.
"I want you to say it."
We're sideways on the bed and each thrust shoves me farther across the mattress until my head is hanging off the edge. "I''s."
"No one else touches you here like this."

Does it sound familiar? But can't help read one more story like this?
Yea, I have this problem too. The rest of the series books are already on my TBR list just not top 10. Ill definitely get there.