Eighty Days Yellow

Eighty Days Yellow - Vina Jackson This books takes place in London with the story of a New Zealander (Kiwi), Summer, who is a violinist. She is barely making it by, playing in subway stations and odd jobs. Her violin is destroyed while busking, accidentally. Summer doesn't have money for a new one. Dominik, an literature professor, who happens to admire Summer talent offers a challenge that will provide her w/a new instrument. Of course, she accepts. In the midst of all this she is introduced to BDSM, swinging/kink parties and is exploring her feelings for Dominik, who happens to be a dominant. Well naturally, she loves this lifestyle with a sexual appetite that is destructive.

The book had a steady flow. Nothing was what it seemed, I liked that it keptt me guessing. This author is new to me. Her style of writing was slightly challenging but in a very good way. I also enjoyed the dual POV. I would definitely read another book from her.

For those that write reviews comparing this to FSoG, WTH are you reading? How many sex parties was Ana attending? Was Christian getting off on sharing Ana? I believe this book is more closely related to My Body series.