The Reluctant Dom

The Reluctant Dom - Tymber Dalton 5 'The stocks in Kleenex went up' Stars
Tissue required reading.

This definitely joins the favorite ménage book list. The story was well written. It's told in first person by Seth. Loved the interaction between the best friends, Seth and Kaden.

Kaden, a Master, is dying. He wants his best friend, Seth, to take care of his wife/slave, Leah, after he's gone. Seth doesn't know about the couples BDSM lifestyle and their desire to have a ménage w/him. Through the story Seth learns about the lifestyle and grows better understanding.

The relationship between the couple and Seth is beautiful.
Though there is nothing sexual between Seth and Kaden, their love for each other will move you.

You will cry, a lot.
You will laugh and fall in love.
And of course, you will clench deliciously enjoying the sex/ménage/BDSM scenes.
P.S. You'll also look for more books by this author. I know I have.

The end.