If Only (Masters of the Shadowlands)

If Only - Cherise Sinclair 3.5 'If Only It Was Better' Stars

You never forget your first especially when it introduces you to things you Never knew existed. Made FSoG look like the teddy bear from the Snuggles commercial. The Masters of Shadowlands series is the handbook for BDSM for me. The men in this series are Masters.

You know the book your reading has a true Master/Alpha when:
-you feel like you have to lower your head
-your screaming at the submissive for her bravado moves
-you never question your Master commands.

I was feigning for this book. I mean getting this book on day of release. CS teased me with Sally antics and how the FBI boys made her nervous every time they interacted.

I felt for the first Menage book in the series it was solid. It was great to know there was more to Sally then the attractive young submissive. The dynamic duo Doms Galen and Vance was new to me. They worked together fluidly in scenes. The bound and learning more about their background was intriguing. Best part of course for me is catching up w/the crew.

Real Talk: The story had some inconsistency throughout. In the case of the Doms being referred to as "uber Doms" but the softer sweeter side was mostly seen.
As far as the Menage aspect it was good related to BDSM. I still hope there is more from this series.