GAME MISCONDUCT (The Dartmouth Cobras)

Game Misconduct - Bianca Sommerland 3.5 'Flag on the Play=Too Many Ppl in the Bed' Stars

This is my first gangbanger. Plus the BDSM lifestyle makes it a great recipe for training a unsuspecting submissive.
The 5 guys are all Hockey players and the chica is the owner of the Teams daughter, Oriana Delgado.

-Couldn't keep the guys names straight during the gang banging scene.
-Strike above. I couldn't keep the guys name straight period. A headache. Note: This will most likely be the deal breaker.
-Half way through some of guys drop out of running and their back story died w/them. I need closure.
-The story still left a lot of questions unanswered.

-Its a series. I liked it enough that I will continue w/the series.
-After the gang banging, 90% menage.